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Next of Kin

A Death Valley Mystery (Book 2 - 2014)

As Homicide Detective Will Stellar comes to grips with his brother’s recent incarceration, he’s called out to the murder of a childhood friend. His investigation leads him to uncover secrets that could take down the Lake City Police Department and force him to walk a tightrope of politics and civic responsibility.

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A Death Valley Mystery (Book 1 - 2010)

The death of a stranger in room 110 of the Death Valley Motel is more than an inconvenience for new owner Alex Delgado. Alex and her brother Ric chose this small desert city because it appeared to be a quiet place for Alex to heal from the violent traumas of her past. But a local detective is determined to uncover the Delgado's secret and force all three into a deadly collision course.

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Chasing Demons

A Luc Actar Novel (Book 2 - 2012)

Luc Actar is back in Los Angeles and hoping to settle down in his perfect life. Unfortunately, his dark past refuses to go away and threatens to destroy the life he’s built for himself in the sequel to Falling Angels.

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Falling Angels

A Luc Actar Novel (Book 1 - 2006)

The first in the Luc Actar series, this action-packed mystery pits one man against the strength of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to save the ones he loves from an unknown killer.

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Faith Departed

Short Stories of Mystery, Crime, and Despair (2012)

A collection of five short stories written by mystery and crime author Melissa M. Garcia.

-In “Faith Departed,” a man struggles over a moral dilemma.
-A dying man requests the help of a seasoned detective to solve the mystery of his brother’s death in “The Other Son.”
-In “The Pond,” a young girl channels her evil side to ward off trespassers to her quiet seclusion.
-A man running late desperately struggles with the world for a cup of coffee in “Coffee Break.”
-In “Cross To Bear,” a priest tries to comfort a mysterious visitor.

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