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Melissa M. Garcia

Mystery Author


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Raising Hell

A Luc Actar Novel (2024)

As shots ring out in a Malibu school yard, Luc Actar rushes back to the life he fled just months earlier. Mattie Hardwin, the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with is missing. But John Carliss is wrapped up in the school shooting, while Detective Ward is mysteriously preoccupied. Even his best friend and Mattie’s ex-husband, Spencer Hardwin is out of the country. As Luc juggles guardianship of Chris, he may have to rely on some untested new acquaintances to find Mattie.


But Mattie’s kidnapping is only the tip of the iceberg in a larger plot to destroy the life Luc has tried so hard to build. Luc is up against his most powerful enemy, and this one has a gang of law enforcement officers armed against him. Luc has no choice but to return to his life of crime to get the answers he needs.


In Raising Hell, the third and final installment of the Luc Actar crime series, Luc must bring all of hell’s fire and brimstone to fight the enormous power of the thin blue line.



With the skill of a painter, Garcia creates beautiful and soulful players for her play. At the end, I was as conflicted about the real killer as was Detective Stellar. Another thing that worked was the theme and how each person was dealing with the same problem in different ways. Everyone had a similar conflict of family over duty. This is a mystery novel done right and is as enjoyable as a cool drink on those hot desert nights.

Kevin Brown

San Francisco Book Review

Praise & Reviews


This is a mystery to enjoy. It will engage the reader with a lot of bodies, both living and dead, who offer a quandary of clues regarding the deaths. The characters are believable with their own follies and dysfunctional behaviors, and the dead tell no lies if only the real perpetrators can be found.

Carol Anderson

US Review of Books


This book has an intriguing plot. There are many unexpected twists and turns. The pages just couldn’t turn fast enough; I could hardly wait to see what would happen on the next page. This book
has something for everyone, intrigue, mystery and romance. I highly recommend “Falling Angels.”

Debra Gaynor

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About Melissa M. Garcia

Melissa is a fictional crime author from Southern California. She has written two crime series which include the
Luc Actar Novels and the Death Valley Mysteries.

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